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Shrink Wrap
Shrink wrap is the best means of protecting your boat from acid rain, snow and ice. All films have UVI protection ( ultra violet inhibitor ) to prevent the polyethylene from breaking down from exposed ultraviolet rays. It also has EVA ( ethyl vinyl acetate ) added to the film to keep the polyethylene soft and flexible in subfreezing temperatures.

Shrink wrap film is a heavy duty shrink polyethylene available in white, blue and clear. We stock white shrink wrap, which is a popular choice among our customers on Cape Ann and throughout the North Shore. White shrink wrap is translucent and provides comfortable light while working inside your boat. Blue shrink wrap is used most frequently in the northern states because of the darker color it can heat warmer and melt the snow quicker. Clear is used on boats for sale and live aboard boats. It allows potential buyers to view the boat and provides the most light while on a boat.

We have wrapped hundreds of boats throughout the years. We always provide a 24- hour notice so you can prepare your boat. The customer is responsible for removing the canvas and any other equipment that needs to be removed prior to shrink wrap.

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